We are forming a plan as to how Otto’s can safely wait on our customers this ski season. We feel the outdoor recreation industry is booming! People are seeking a way to safely recreate, and while cross country skiing is the ideal winter activity – we will have to re-educate the public to explore new places to go to avoid overcrowding. We realize we will not be able to accommodate the large crowds in our store as we have done for the last 35 years. Our rentals are going to have to be done by reservation, and any walk ups will have to get on the appointment list. We will host as much business as we can outdoors under tents with portable payment systems. Rentals, sales, and any last minute stop-ins will have to be done in a way to comply with the CDC guidelines to do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

A major way to decrease the Saturday, Sunday crowds is to encourage people to get season rentals. The equipment is yours for the season, and you can avoid one more stop on the way to the mountain. As we value lives over dollars we are prepared to lower our already low season rental prices. If you make an appointment for sizing and pickup of your early season rentals before November 1st you will receive the early season rates of:

Junior Classic Package $69  (under age 16-skis up to 170cm)

Junior Classic Package $89  (adult equipment/ 180 cm and up)

Adult Touring Package $99

Junior Skate Classic Combination Rental for Teacup Program $139

All season rental sizing and pickup must be done by appointment following the CDC guidelines. We know we can’t turn back the hands of time and create the experience of solitude we used to have available to us on the mountain.  We can try to help everyone benefit from the time spent in nature by getting equipment out to everyone in a safe manner.  Our highest volume of customers happens on Saturday and Sunday, so we ask that you be conscientious and plan weekday skiing trips if possible. 

The last few months we have been doing low to no contact mountain bike rentals. Things have been going well and we are available for reservations for mountain bikes still. Please call Ottos at (503) 668-5947