Cross Country Ski Rentals

First, learn about the different Cross Country Ski Options:
Cross Country Ski touring: Travel on skis on snow covered terrain in natural snow conditions.

Skate skiing:  The skier provides propulsion on a groomed surface by pushing alternating skis away from one another.


In Track skiing takes place on groomed terrain that has been set with ski tracks using the diagonal stride technique.

Backcountry skis are wider skis with generous sidecut usually with a metal edge for skiing on more adventurous terrain.


Cross Country Ski Rental Rates:

Adult Touring:

 DayAdd DaysWeekMonth
Skis, Boots, Poles$30$10$60$200
Skis (and Poles)$20$10$50$150
Boots (and Poles)$20$10$50$150
Poles $10$5$25$50

Junior Touring:

 DayAdd DaysWeek
Skis,(Profil binding) Boots, Poles $20$5$45
Skis, (Profil binding) and Poles$15$5$35
Boots (and Poles)$10$5$35
Poles $5$2$10

Teen Touring:

 DayAdd DaysWeek
Skis,(Profil binding) Boots, Poles $25$10$45
Skis, (Profil binding) and Poles$15$10$35
Boots (and Poles)$10$10$35
Poles $5$2$10

Backcountry Skis:

 DayAdd DaysWeekMonth
Skis, Boots, Poles$35$10$90$150
Skis, Boots, Adjustable Poles$40$10$100$160
Skis (& Poles)$30$10$75$125
Boots (& Poles)$25$10$45$85
Adjustable Poles$10$5$30$50

Skate Skis:

 DayAdd DaysWeekMonth
Skis, Boots, & Poles$35$10$100$200
Skis (& Poles)$25$10$75$140
Boots (& Poles)$20$10$75$120
Junior Skate Package$25$10$75$150

Season Rentals:

Take Out Anytime; Return before April 15th 2023


Junior Classic:(15 and under):

Touring skis (90 – 170 cm) & poles

profil boots/bindings $99

Teen Classic:(15 and under):

Touring skis (180 cm and up) & poles

profil boots/bindings $119

Adult Tour:

Touring skis & poles

NNN or SNS boots/bindings $189

Metal Edge Tour:

Metal Edge skis & poles

NNN BC boots/bindings $299


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